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The WMTC takes place in San Francisco in September 2008. Read here a report after 15.9.
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Recently the Hungarian Minister for Health, Dr. Tamás Székely has announced his participation for the EU panel on health tourism. Check the details.
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Al Jazeerea and n-tv visited the 1st congress and broadcasted two important reports.
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The World Medical Tourism Congress from 9th to 12th of September was a milestone in the development of Health Tourism. Not only that there have been 850 participants which made this congress the largest and most important of its kind, but also that leading, important and hot questions and topics were discussed with the help of the moderation of charming and competent Renée-Marie Stephano and the focused and powerful president of the MTA, Jonathan Edelheit.

Reports 1.10.2008
The future will show how the experiences shared here will initiate and stimulate new strategies and businesses in the Medical Tourism sector. The chances are great. For the US it was the first time that a congress addressed the topics which everybody in the world is familiar with, but not so many in the homeland. No wonder that we also heard critical voices from American health care providers when confronted with the facts and figures. But even the Chair Elect of the American Medical Association showed a chart which predicts an exponential growth of the numbers of medical tourists from US to other countries during the next 2 to 3 years. And there is no fast cure for it except channeling and moderating the treatment opportunities abroad. This will become a huge effort, especially when US quality standards are required.

Looking at that, Europe is best prepared. In this region of the world where modern medicine has its roots, strong and thoroughly controlled quality systems by law and regulations exist in all the EU countries. On top of that there are lots of certification procedures done and quality commissions supervise a compulsory lifelong medical education of the physicians. Europe is a very safe place for medical tourists as the selection behavior of medical tourists from all parts of the world has shown.
MTA wants to develop Europe strategically as a recommended target region for medical tourism in high end medicine, also when looking at the prices. These are in the range of approx. one third of the US level, still being higher compared to Asian regions.
More and more alternative or additive forms of treatment are available throughout Europe. The upcoming liberalization of the European health markets will give Europe on top more challenges for differentiation by quality and by price. The MTA is partnering with the 2nd ECHT in developing the content and bringing topics from one platform to the other. This also is new: a strategic cooperation among congresses.
The health of the end customer, the patient, is in our focus.