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The WMTC takes place in San Francisco in September 2008. Read here a report after 15.9.
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Recently the Hungarian Minister for Health, Dr. Tamás Székely has announced his participation for the EU panel on health tourism. Check the details.
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Al Jazeerea and n-tv visited the 1st congress and broadcasted two important reports.
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  The chances are excellent that the three days   in April will allow you to participate in the   health care hub. Most of the participants come   for business reasons. Medical Tourism is on the   edge to boost in the EMEEA countries with   many different aspects and directions. The   audience needs orientation and reflexion.   People who can do it: you.
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  Workshop 1 - DAY 2
  Medical Tourism in Hungary
  Combination of modern medicine with natural   treatment methods.
  Hungary is known for an alternative medicine   based on own development, experience and   tradtion. If you are from Hungary: then this   workshop is a must for you to present. If you are   not from Hungary you may have cooperation   proposals how to work on enhancing Medical   Tourism by implementing a science based   alternative medicine into your services.

  Workshop 2 - DAY 2
Spa and Medical Wellness
  Best practices, standards, marketing,  develop-
  ment of markets. As the "healing paradigm"   gains ground in medical thinking, medical   wellness is becoming more important. Its more   than massage and fitness and skin. Standards,   extensions and joint efforts to help patients are   needed.

  Workshop 3 -DAY 2
Overcoming the ME health care crisis
  International cooperations, the role of Medical   Tourism and knowledge transfer
. The ME faces   enormous challenges to meet the health care   demand. Moreover: the ME may become the   leading investor in health care projects, once a   better cooperation with the West in terms of   knowledge transfer can be established.

  Workshop 4 - DAY 2
  Quality of Care Project (Round Table)
  (Continued from the World Medical Tourism   Congress in San Francisco)
  Quality standards in various dimensions:   physicians, pathways, patient orientation,   treatment standards, improvement   methodologies , seals: what do we need and   how can we proceed?
  Workshop 6 - DAY 3
  Alternative Medicine in Medical Tourism - A   widely unnoticed market with many   opportunities. We are aksing the stakeholders in   these markets to show their range of services   and of products. We will present you the ones   who can prove by experience, that alternative   medicine can be and should be a supplement   to traditional medicine, when the patients  health is goal - apart from treating a negative   condition. Hungary again is a good destination   for receiving an answer.
  Workshop 8 - DAY 3
  International Hospital Projects
  Develop, plan, build, run. Such easy?   The   project owners share their experiences.   International health care projects are very   complex and touch many issues which are   normally neglected in purely technological   projects. Especially the impact of culture   becomes visible and certain soft factors may   become very hard, when they are not taken into   account for the project planning and   management.
  Workshop 5 - DAY 3
Asian Medical Tourism
  Leadership in market technologies, quality/   price competition. Asia is developing   impressive marketing, management for patient   streams and brilliant IT solutions. Asia in terms   of medical tourism is including the second   wave: after Singapore, Thailand, Philippines   and Malaysia, now Taiwan, Korea and China   mainland are becoming aware of the impact of   medical tourism on health systems and health   toursim as a fast solution for the global care.
  Workshop 7 - DAY 3
  Facilitators in Health Tourism

  Personal care and consulting vs. webbased   solutions. Is it better to pay the organizations   which bring added value to the patient   handling directly or is it also comparable with   the result fo rthe patient, if he/she does use a   "self-help-desk" or is been managed regarding   the treatment process by an elaborated virtual   machine? The role of the facilitators and their   criteria for quality.

We have opened an additional

Workshop 9 - DAY 3:
Highlights in Medicine

Here we accept scientific medical contributions to stay with the latest developments whcih have an impact on medical tourism.

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