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The WMTC takes place in San Francisco in September 2008. Read here a report after 15.9.
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Recently the Hungarian Minister for Health, Dr. Tamás Székely has announced his participation for the EU panel on health tourism. Check the details.
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From 13th to 15th November the 2nd Thermal World forum took place in Abbano, Italy. Near Venice Italy has its greatest area of health tourism which started at the time of the Roman empire and has was developed several 100 years towards a region of health tradition. Built on that knowledge and experience in the medical spa treatment approach has a home here. It has become part of modern life style to use spa resort – a re-import of the originally Italian concept from California – in all the hotels all over the world. Heating water and tubbing people in hot tubes is one thing. The medical expertise in cooperation with medical knowledge to the benefit of patients with orthopaedic problems is another art. Not only an art which can be left to “artists”, it is a paramedic profession which needs a professional education.

Al Jazeerea and n-tv visited the 1st congress and broadcasted two important reports.
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   EU - Thermal Forum

The 2nd World Thermal Forum in Abbano stresses the importance of EU regulations on therapeutic and medical wellness spa.
The discussion will continue.


EU Thermal Forum in Abbano Therme 13th to 15th Nov. 2008

It seems necessary to back up this industry and to make very clear that there is a difference between wellness for prevention and life style enhancement on one side without specific therapeutic impact on a disease, and: medical spa and wellness with therapeutic goals. The last approach needs to be protected insofar as promises to the effects of the procedures and their application should only be allowed by licensed institutions and therapists who gained the necessary experience. The European legislation has to make clear this difference and the insurers should be encouraged develop European standards in the field of medical wellness and rehabilitative spa concepts. Not only buildings are part of cultural heritage, also knowledge embedded in medical expertise and processes.
Budapest will give us the next example.

Report by Dr. Klein, speaker at the 2nd World Thermal Forum

Due to the restructuring of health systems in Europe we might have lost sight on this important industry which in fact can contribute to the general health and help postpone surgery, help to recover after orthopaedic surgery and alleviate arthrosis and associated symptoms. What was a Roman anti-aging concept cannot be resembled completely by just swallowing DHEA…